Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whew...a whirlwind

Well I just read a friend's recent blog post and it occurred to me that it has been quite some time since I last updated you guys on anything.

So, since Jan. things have been rather busy in the Rhodes house!  Emma joined dance class and is quite the ballerina!  

She seems to really enjoy the class and it surprises me but she does pay attention and try to follow along for the most part.  I love he fact she is into it, she's just so cute!

As for Eli, he has started sitting up on his own a lot better and now.

 He is also officially on the move crawling - That means he's into everything he can get his hands on!

February 19th we celebrated Emma's 3rd Birthday.

Little Stinker wouldn't give a real smile
 I can't believe how much my life has changed in three years and how much my baby girl has grown.  She picked a Max and Ruby themed party and we got little bunny ears for all the little girls.  They couldn't be any cuter. This was the first party we actually invited more then just family, we had a small little turn out and it was just perfect!

The Girls as bunnies

As for me, you can tell I have not been blogging much, but I have opened and Etsy shop and am loving it.  Its named 'That Girl Emma' and the story is on the home page, check it out  All my recent crafts are posted there and I am having so much fun keeping the store stocked! Who doesn't like crafting with a mission.

Finally, the Rhodes have done it again...out with my beloved Land Rover and in with my (I mean our) new Mommy Mobile ...

I do miss the Land Rover but I can't complain about the nice quiet ride and the built in DVD that this bad boy possesses!
Well, thats whats new for now. Talk to you soon!