Monday, September 29, 2014

7 years ago...

7 years ago today was just your average rainy Saturday for many. For me, it was a day I walked into a little white church and said the vows that would shape my life forever.

The day we married, we'd known each other a mere 5 months. I had no way of knowing yet that Chris and I stumbling into each other's lives was God's plan for us. Today, I'm sure it wasn't just blind luck to find a man I could truly share (not just spend) my life with. Since that day we've endured a few tears and laughed a million laughs. We've worked together to accomplish success, small victories and big ones. We've created a beautiful family and home. We've built a life together.  
On our anniversary I like to take a few min to look back at the pictures from our wedding to remind myself of all the small details (some of which I missed that day) and just how special it was to spend that amazing day with our family and friends. So in celebration of our anniversary this year, I wanted to share a few of my favorites. 
In the moment, on your wedding day you tend to over look the small stuff. I am so glad our photographer captured it all for me. The church was so perfect for my taste. It was like a fairy tale written in my sort of handwritting. It was old and beautiful with chippy paint, shiny antique silver, red velvet seat cushions and simple accents of white satin ribbon. 

The church seemed to make a perfect backdrop for every picture...

our friends and family made it a fabulous celebration.

My great group of friends from Tarleton, I spent most of my days there with these ladies. I lived with some and worked with others. I'm grateful the made they trip to support me on my wedding day and celebrate with us afterward.

At some point I decided what our reception needed was an impromptu karaoke session. When Chris in and I were in New York with some visiting friends, like a bunch of southern tourists, the group of us got up and sang I've Got Friends in Low Places. It seemed a fitting choice for the reception too and it made for one of my favorite memories from the that night.

Speaking of reception, it was held at a beautiful old mansion in Galveston. 

It's always fun to take a little stroll down memory lane and its nice to look back and remind yourself to celebrate each other. We're blessed to have those memories and the friends and family we made them with. Most of all I'm blessed to have found the perfect partner to spend my life with. So cheers to 7 years...

... and many, many more!