Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Make a grocery list...

Its Wednesday which means the new grocery store ads have come out.  I personally prefer to wait on the Sunday paper before I do my shopping but, I'll throw out some deals that caught my eye and if you're in the need for some grocery shopping, maybe I can help you make your list.  Don't forget to check your local paper to make sure the deals match. Also, don't forget Walmart matches advertised prices, so bring the ads with you.

Fresh sliced mushrooms BOGO free!
Kraft salad dressing .99 + $1.00/2 SPC(sunday paper coupon) = .49/ea (limit 2 thru Sat only)
Barilla pasta .88 (thru Sat only)
Carving board lunchmeat, a favorite at our house 2/$7 + $2 off  =$2.50 ea
Bar S hot dogs 10/$10 (I am not certain, but don't think you have to buy 10 to get the price)
Select Knorr and Macaroni and Cheese .88
Frechetta frozen pizza $3.99 ad coupon + 1.00 SPC = $2.99 (limit 1)
Lysol cleaners $1.99 in ad coupon + .75 SPC = $1.24 limit 3 (only buy this if you need it right now, there will be better deals)
Baby carrots .99/1lb(bag)
Onions and cucumbers .99/1 lb (HEB has white onions for .77/lb and cucumbers 2/$1)
Kiwis 3/$1
Mission tortillas .99 + I have seen a couple internet coupons for $1 off but a lot of people are having trouble with printing them
Check the price on the wheat thin stix they were $1.88 + 1.00 SPC+.88

Goldfish 10/$10 (check the ad, its a mix and match thing and you may want to mix it up with other stuff)
Crest toothpaste 10/10 + 1.00/2 SPC 5/1 (hold out to Sunday and you can snag some toothpaste for .50)
Tide $5.99 + there was a recent coupon for Tide, I don't remember how much, we are all stocked up here, haha
Mrs. Bairds bread BOGO free
Frozen Kroger brand veggies .88
Avacados .78
Softsoap hand soap 10/$10 ( I know there were recent coupons for this as well)
Kroger has the same hot dog deal as Randalls
Perdue Short Cuts carved breast strips on sale 2/$7 +$1.00 SPC 4/17 (you do not have to buy 2)
Kraft cheese singles 12oz 2/$3.00 = $1.50 each
Orville Redenbacher's gourmet bowl popcorn  2/$3.00 (can buy just one) + .55 SPC = .95
Pioneer Brand Gravy mix BOGO free= .45each

they are full of good deals this week
BOGO free on Doritos and their brand, they are comparable so its worth it
Chicken thighs, drums, and breasts are 5lbs/$5
5/$5 mix and match has some pretty good options, check the ad
Jimmy Dean Sage breakfast sausage 2/$3 + $1.00 off any 2 SPC = $1ea
 Dannon light and fit yogurt $1.84 + $1.00 SC = .84 for 4pack
New York Texas Toast   $1.85+ $1.00 SC = .84

Walmart - don't forget they give cash back, here's just a recap on the deals I've found this month that may still be going in your area, if you can find the product
Similac Ready to drink formula on sale $3.84 + 5.00 SPC = $1.16 money maker
Degree men's and woman's travel deodorant .97 +  1.00 SPC (seperate coupon for each)  = .03 money maker
Frigo cheese .33 + .55 = .22 money maker
Nivea Men's Body Wash $3.00 + $3.00 coupon = Free (check the woman's they have been sold out every time I went and I couldn't tell if it was just Men's or both.)
DO bring money because some items may cost you tax!!

Don't forget your $3 money maker at Walgreens on Splenda! 

That's all I have for you now but, I will make in add ins with this next Sunday paper. Don't  forget to save your coupon section! Also, I am trying to get more blog followers so if you use my blog please pass it on or reference it if you use it in writing  your own! You guys are awesome, thanks!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter, sad Sunday paper!

I don't know about you guys but I sure had a fabulous Easter weekend.  I was surrounded by family and watched my little girl have the time of her life.  I'm sure Eli had fun too but, I think hes still kind of indifferent to things, haha.  We went to Farmerville, Louisiana this weekend to be with my in-laws. The home they have there is more farm-ish and it was like being at Dewberry farm for a whole weekend and not having to share or wait in line for anything.
Chris' parents, known as Mimi and Big to the grand kids, bought a small donkey for the kids.  Emma woke up Friday morning and by 9 she was up on the donkey taking laps around the pasture.  They also have a big sand hill they made for the kids with a culvert through the center of it so they can play in the "tunnel." We got the pool and the slip and slide. Both Emma and her cousin Annie brought their power wheels. Big set up a tent for the girls to play in and we even enjoyed a campfire and marshmallow roasting, a first for Emma. I was able to show of my couponing skills with a trip to Walmart. We saved $23, not bad for no planning. Of course there were Easter baskets, Easter candy galore, and an egg hunt.  I also managed to squeeze in a few photo sessions.  All and all it was just the best weekend.

Now, on to the business.  No coupons in this Sunday paper : (  I know, I know...which is sadder the fact there are no coupons or the fact that it saddens me.  haha!  Well to give you a heads up, they do not put coupons in papers that a holiday falls on the Sunday. However, do not despair, I have lots of great deals for you from some of the coupons in previous papers.
But first I wanted to share this handy little thing with you.  I think it is a fabulous idea if your coupons will fit in it.

You can purchase it on Amazon here They have several colors to choose from so look around they are anywhere from $3.00 to $12.00

OK on to the main event...
Lets start with Walgreens:
First Transaction 
2x Splenda 80ct or larger $2.99 + 3.00 SPC = FREE + buy 2 boxes you get $3 RR = MONEY MAKER This is an unadvertised RR, make sure if you buy more then two you add another transaction for the second two
This transaction was free, and I applied my rewards to the next
Second transaction
2x boxes of Splenda + 2 SPC for $3.00 = FREE + $3 RR
Coppertone spray sunscreen (bought this because I needed it for the kids) $9.99 + $3 RR = like $6.99

I paid $3.99 + tax here because I used my RR from previous transaction 

Third Transaction
2x Charmin Basic Toilet paper 6 ct.  $2.99 in ad coupon + .25 off any charmin ( I had this from an older paper) = $2.74 (I only had one SPC but still bought two)
Sinful  Colors nail polish .99 ea, limit 3 (I purchased 3)

I paid  $2.70 plus tax after using my $6 RR from my second transaction. 

Total Walgreens pay out 6.69 +tax for = 10 items for around $.70 each. Cheaper then the dollar store!
12 rolls (2x 6ct)of TP
3 nail polish
4 box of Splenda
1 Sunscreen 

Things I did not purchase that are also great deals
stacking plastic chairs bogo free
Clorox bleach 2/$3 + I saw a coupon in a recent paper for Clorox
Duracell  4pack AA batteries $2.99
Gillette body wash  bogo %50 off + SPC for BOGO free = 2/$1.13  just .57 each
Colgate Total Sale 2.99 + Bogo Free + $1.00 SPC x 2 = .50 each

I have not made it to CVS yet this week but I did make a list of some great deals
Listerine $2.99 on sale + $1.00 SPC = $1.99
Dove Men + Care deodorant on sale .99  + $1.00 SPC = FREE

Thats it for now guys, I will be back this afternoon with this weeks Grocery specials and some pics of the kiddos this Easter.

I had every intention of getting back with you guys with all this weeks deals but I just realized they are only good through today.  No worries though, new ads come out tomorrow and I'll be on top of it.  See ya tomorrow!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Nivea anyone?

Lots to talk about this time.  CVS has the potential to be a very good week. As a matter of fact if I were to narrow it down I believe I would say, that should be your main trip.  But wait there's more...Walmart matches any advertised price and you can still use a coupon.  So if you aren't into all the extra care bucks (you should be, but thats ok) you can still get these great deals at your Walmart, just bring in the CVS and Walgreens ad.  You dont even have to go to the customer service counter, just show the cashier.  I recommend circling in the ad so you can find it easily, also you need to tell them as they ring up each item.
OK I am going to start with CVS and like I said, you can just take the ad to Walmart if you want to pass on the extra care bucks.
1st transaction -
2x green tags for your reusable bags @.99 each and get .99 ECB each (register rewards CVS style.) There is a limit two on these.  The cool thing is, if you use them every time you shop,  you get $1 ECB
John Freida $5each (you can get this price at Walmart), spend $10 get $3 ecb + 2.00 off and 3.00 coupon from a couple weeks ago = its like getting them $1 each.
--- pay and get your $5 ECB for your next transaction
4x M&Ms singles eggs at .88 each (this is advertised in ad so you can get it at Walmart) +1.00 off/2 from last week and 2.00/2 from all you magazine (you can print this) = $.13 each
Nivea men's body wash $3.88 with card + $3.00 SPC  = .88 each ( I purchased 4)
Nivea woman's body wash $3.88 with card + $3.00 SPC = .88 each (I purchased 7, I found one that had a free sample attached too!) (these are both advertised in ad so you can also get this price at Walmart. However, if you have a rite aid near you, use 4 of them there they will be free.)
Tide powder $5.94 + 1.00 off (this was a coupon I have had a while so not sure where it came from)= $4.95 (advertised in paper so you can get same price at walmart)
Total was  83.99, I paid $16.39.  Dont forget your ECB!

The Haul -CVS

I am planning on another possible trip to CVS because there were a few more things I wanted to get that our CVS was out of.  SO check your ad. Also, I read somewhere that the kids aquafresh toothbrushes were free with the 1.00 off coupon from this weeks paper, however, at my CVS I did not find that to be the case.
The only reason I went to Walmart was for the free cheese this week but now that I know they match prices, I may be shopping there more often for convenience.
7x Frigo string cheese singles @ .33 each + .50 coupon from this weeks paper  = make .17 each one, I made $1.19 (you have to try this! it feels great to let Walmart pay you money! They give cash back or apply to purchase)
Excedrine, I purchased this because we needed it, 100ct 6.99 (walmart had it 6.97 but were sold out and I got a different one that was marked 9.73 but was included in the CVS ad so I paid $6.99, there as a coupon I missed in this weeks paper)

Total after coupons $5.80

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just call me Betti Spaghetti

Well, as I have stated before, I refuse to "save big" on a ton of items I don't normally buy.  This week I was presented with an opportunity to stock up on some things I do use and use a lot.

At the end of my last blog I mentioned the Walgreens savings on BIC razors. That was a steal of a deal saving about $15 on 4 packs of razors and thats how I started my week.
This week, sadly Kroger released a press release stating they would no longer be doubling coupons.  So we skipped out on Kroger this time.  Now don't totally discount them from your shopping because there are still savings to be had.  Any coupon you use there thats over a dollar wouldn't have been doubled anyway.  We just happened not to need anything there this time.  They do have a good 10/$10 on frozen veggies and on Kraft BBQ sauce or Kroger brand marinade.  The Marinade and BBQ can be mixed and matched.

This week we did go to Randalls and take advantage of some the price/lbs on pork.
I also bought Bounty paper towels (we usually buy whats on sale) and Cottonelle toilet paper (my brand of choice) for $4.99 each after coupon.  -Now a heads up, HEB has the paper towels .02 cheaper. I dont know if I missed it in the ad or if it wasn't printed.
We also took advantage of the buy 3 Dove products and get $3 off.  In addition I had coupons for .75 of 1 deodorant. I only had two coupons but had I clipped more it would have been a steal (I do use Dove) the total for all three would have been $3.72 plus your $3 back making them .72 for three (.24 each)
I bought the soap and deodorant b/c I only had 2 deo coupons and use the soap too

Lastly, we bought 2 glad trash bags on sale for $4.99. I had a $2 off coupon of the purchase of 1 glad trash bags and 1 clorox/tilex/409 cleaner.  I bought the cheapest which was toilet bowl cleaner (we actually use that brand) for $2.29.  After my coupon the toilet bowl cleaner was .29

Dont worry, I don't store all this together, it was just for ease of taking fewer pics

Next we went to HEB.  Those of you on facebook have already seen a copy of my receipt, it was a proud moment for me, my savings were greater then my total. I purchased 80 items for only $67 dollars making each item about $.83.  Thats like shopping at the dollar store.

Now I did stock up quite a bit and if you read the title here is where it comes in.
I had 9 papers last week that I clipped from.
HEB has their buy a Kraft salad dressing get a free Barilla Pasta and pasta sauce.  So my coupon was for 1.00 off 2 Kraft dressings (9 of them)- I bought all 18, but it was only $2/ set.  I didn't only buy ranch because a lot of times we use dressing as marinade so it doubles its purpose and helps us use it before it expires.  Also I bought all different shapes of noodles so they can be used other then spaghetti. And as a confession, we have spaghetti at least once every two weeks (its my go to meal.) So this was a fabulous deal for me. - now you see the reason for the title.

They also have a Texas Showdown this week which was buy Folgers classic roast coffee get HEB classic roast free.  I happened to have $1.00 off coupons for Folgers.  I had 9 but only used 4 because coffee does expire and I like to keep it in the freezer to keep it fresher (takes up freezer real estate.) So in the end I got 8 things of coffee for about $2 each.

Our last big stock up moment was the cereal.  We bought 6 boxes of cereal.  They have select Kelloggs on sale for 2.50 each and if you buy 3 you get $3 back making them $1.50 each.  Also on the frosted flakes there was a peely coupon for like .50 or maybe 1.00 off produce with the purchase of the 2 Kelloggs cereal. SO I did also use that coupon too.
The also had an in store coupon for $1.00 off Dannon light and fit yogurt 4 packs making them .84 each. I bought 3 packs.
HEB also had Colgate for .99 with the coupon and Tide for 5 something with their in store coupon.  I did not purchase those but thought they both were good deals.
Here is the before and after shot. Be aware we do not keep all the stuff out like this, I just put it all together for the picture...Im not hoarding, yet!

This was stuff I moved out of my pantry today to make room for things I didnt want to store in the garage

This was after today's haul.

I guess that about wraps up the shopping this week.  I'll get more pics up soon, I just wanted to post the blog fresh from my FB post.  Go forth and coupon!

If anyone is interested here are a list of coupons I have to give away locally...
$1.00 off 8 or 9 oz Kens salad dressing x1 (should be coming up on sale soon but expires 4/30)
$.50 off any Newman's own salad dressing x1
$1.00 off Folgers x 2 (thats 4 coffees this week at HEB)
$1.00 off 3 Kraft 8oz bottles of dressing x 9
$1.00 off 2 Kraft 24oz dressing (these are eligible for the HEB meal deal thing)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kroger Baby Event until Wed the 13th

Wow, we had a great weekend but of course one of my favorite parts of the weekend was our shopping trip.  We were entertaining this afternoon so there were some things we bought we wouldn't normally but even still our shopping trip was $140 at Kroger.  There was a total of $67.20 in savings ($40 of which was the Kroger card savings price so I don't really count it.  Its around the same price as you would pay at HEB) so my coupon savings was $26.15  The main event was the baby savings they have going on. If you spend $25 (check the ad for the details) you get $5 back toward your purchase (I happen to spend $25 regularly in baby supplies and have lots of coupons)

So this time I am only going to be telling you how to rack up on sweet deals on the baby isle.
I purchased
4x Similac ready to drink formula at $5.09 + 2x $3.00 SPC + 2x $5.00 SPC 4/3 (yes I still had these.  After my awesome free formula experience I scoured for more papers and snagged a few.) = $4.36
Pampers wipes @ $5.99 + $1.50 SPC off  =$4.49
Pampers cruisers @ $8.99 + $3.00 SPC 4/3 = $5.99

so it was 4 formulas, wipes, and diapers for  $14.84 - $5.00 back from Kroger = $9.84 for all thats a deal I can dig!!

Go through your coupons from the P&G saver last week and get some make savings you could get 3 packs of diapers for $12.97 between coupons and cash toward purchase.  Get creative and get what  you need cheap!

A few other steals to watch for.
*BOGO Lysol products, great deal anyway but I have several coupons including a dollar off one.  Don't forget you are technically  buying two so you can combine the BOGO store sale with 2 man. coupons.
* $10 off coupon good SAT ONLY for Crest white strips, last week there was a $7 off in the Sunday paper...thats a $17 savings 
*BOGO on the Schick hydros, I don't know them but know there were several coupons last Sunday. Same with Gillette, BOGO %50 mix and match with several coupons from last week.
*BIC Flex 4 disposable razors BOGO %50 off + $3 off SPC (you should be able to use two because you are purchasing two) I did buy these.  It was $9 and some change for 4 packs.  I bought 2 packs of 6 and 2 packs of 4 each... thats 20 razors for $9.  At our house that almost a two year supply.

I probably wont be doing a Walgreens trip this week.  So go, try to get one together and practice.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pets love coupons too!

Its true, pets love coupons too!  I have found that surprisingly (to me anyway) Petsmart has better deals on dog foods then grocery stores.  So I went today to rack up big time.  As you may know, we have two small dogs a min pin and a yorkie.  After this trip I am quite sure we won't need dog food for at least 4 months, possibly 6.

3x Chef Michael's dyr dog food 11lbs bag @ 17.99ea +$2.00 Pet perks discount card + $10 SPC = $5.99 ea
2x Spiny ring reduced to clear from $4.99 to $1.99ea
2x pet id tags reduced to clear from $9.99 to $2.99 (on a side note, while I thought this was a great idea, I didnt realize you have to pay a monthly fee to keep it working...Im too cheap for monthly fees and will be returning these
Puppy pads $3.99 no coupon just needed them, we are trying to box train Poppy
Good Bites oral care treats $3.99 on sale + $2.99 SPC = $1.99

$36.71 total cost after $38.00 savings     

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Couponing, April 7, 2011

Hi you guys! I've had some really great response and interest in my last couponing post so I decided I would make another.  I am not sure if I will be able to keep up with it every trip or every week, or if you guys will lose interest but for now here is what I did. 
Walgreens first...
Transaction one:
 Herbal Essence Shampoo and condition (1 ea) @ 2/$7 +BoGo free SPC = 3.50 (I think they were having a buy one get on %50 on that too, cant quite remember)
Colgate tooth paste $2.99 + .75 SPC + $3 RR = free
Charmin 9 rolls $4.99 Sale + $1.00 SPC + $2 RR = like getting it for $1.99

Check out and get your RR... my total was $10.10 after a $6.78 savings

Transaction 2:
You will need two filler items so be on the look out for something you need or on clearance
2x Old Spice 16oz body wash $4.99 ea + BoGo %50 + BOGO free (3.99 max value) SPC = 2 for 3.49
4x Dawn dish soap sale @ $.99 + .25 off coupon = .74 each
4x Gillette Fusion shaving cream $4.49 and bogo %.50 off + $1.00 SPC = all 4 for 9.46
2x small aveeno lotion 3.29 ex + $3 off 2 SPC =  $3.58 for 2
I grabbed two bgs of peanuts at the register for my fillers... they were on sale for $.79 ea plus a .58 Store Coupon making them $1.00 for both

Check out and use your RR

My total was $16.41 after $29.22

Walgreens haul

Walmart formula trip (supercenter only)
10x Ready to drink Similac formula on sale 3.84 + 5x 5.00 SPC and 5x 3.00 SPC = Free + they paid $1.60 cash back.

$40 savings

 Total of

$26.51 for the day

 Good luck!  Let me know how it goes!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Did you get a Sunday paper, my coupon post

Hi all,
As my facebook followers know I am trying my hand at crazy couponing.  Unfortunately, I will never walk out of the grocery store with a cart full of groceries and only have payed $10, but I am racking up some crazy savings. I have done quite a bit of reading up on this and the only way to get those SUPER savings trips is to buy a lot of processed, boxed, and random brand things.  Just don't be picky.  Well being as I have two children and that on some things I am just a little picky, I can't (or just refuse to) shop like that all the time.
However, last week I saved $79 (we spent $250 before coupons, it was a major trip for us and our bill is rarely that high) grocery shopping; and another $19 at CVS/Walgreens. This week we spent $131 before coupons and saved $30 in coupons.  I haven't made a CVS and Walgreens run yet but I just got my Sunday paper and mapped it out.  So thats what I am going to share with you.
Now, before you get pumped up about all the savings you are about to get, there are a few more things you need to know.  This is time consuming.  We now grocery shop at several different stores, we map out our savings and shopping lists matched with the ad and then go shopping.  Also, in order to get MAX savings you should plan to buy multiple items and you will need a place to store you extras (over the door shoe organizers are awesome!)
Excuse the mess, this is also the craft closet.

In addition, you need to be prepared to have to do multiple transactions at Walgreens and CVS (since I stay home I can go during the day and I am usually the only one there.) You also need to bring the ad with you or grab one when you get in the store so you can double check the details (flavors, sizes,colors.)  My first trip was not smooth but I know how it works a little better now and hope this weeks goes easier.
OK OK, to the point, the plan of action (please remember there are a lot more products to save on, I only buy what I know we like and use already.)

OK, so as I said I am still new to this so I am going back to make some edits  from my Walgreens trip (read the ad wrong and were out of one of the products on my list.)  I haven't made the CVS trip yet because they didnt have carts when I went in and wasnt about to lug around to kiddos with no cart.
Walgreens first, this week is a little more dont need a card here. I am listing things in the transaction group. When you check out, make sure the rewards machine is on before you check out.
 First Transaction
Colgate toothpaste MaxFresh...$2.99 + $2.99 register rewards (RR)+ .75 Sunday Paper Coupon (SPC) (limit one per visit) (look around for more stuff like this in the store that is the same price as the RR, its free in the end)

Free Toothpaste

Fantastik all purpose cleaner $2.49 + .50 Store Coupon (SC) + .75 SPC = $1.24 Did not buy
Windex glass cleaner x 2 $2.49 ea + .50 SC ea + $1.00 SPC = $1.49 ea -  Read the ad wrong and these were not apart of RR, I still had a great coupon for the Windex so I bought it but did not need the Fantastik, I got a great deal on Lysol cleaner last week and stocked up.
Tide stain release 20oz $3.99 sale + $1.00 SPC = $2.99 Sold Out (these 4 things will give you $3 RR, check the ad because you can do different combinations ( you just have to buy $10 worth to get the RR)
Added 2 packs of Magic Eraser Mr Clean products with a last week SPC for $1.00 + 25% off 
Added Swiffer pads to this transaction to count toward my $10.00 min

New transaction - this one I am going to have to test when I get there, I am not sure if Walgreens sells the second product and it it may just be better to hold off on. If you dont need these items just skip to the next transaction. I have some older coupons from last week I may use if I need to make up a difference to hit my $10 mark.
Swiffer wet jet pads (because I need them anyway) no coupon but 25% off. added above, did not make a second transaction
Scott paper towels $5 + $1 SC + $1 SPC = $3
Swiffer dust & shine x 2 (this is what I am not sure they have) 25% off  + Buy One Get One Free SPC
1st transaction $16.38 + $6 in RR and $10.04

New Transaction
Dawn sale .99 (10.3 oz) + .25 SPC = .74
Gillette body wash 16oz Buy1 Get1 %50 off sale + Buy1 Get1 free SPC (not sure how this works.  But it it will you will just need to buy 1 filler item.  Anything cheap, gum or check the clearance section. If you already have 4 items in your cart you will be alright without fillers, you just cannot have more coupons then merchandise. I purchased a package of nuts for .50 at the register, they are not in my pictures because I then gave them to a homeless man on the street.  I can suggest the Bumble Bee tuna which is .59 with a coupon from the Walgreens ad.
Pay and dont forget to apply your RR...what was your total? and your savings?  How did I do on the tutorial?
Dont forget you can buy more then one Sunday paper if you like the deals to get double, triple the savings.  BUT at Walgreens they only give you one RR per item.  Thats why when I did the second transaction I did it that way instead of just putting all that stuff up with the first.  Also, be careful to notice the limit.  The toothpaste if limit 1.

Second Transaction $.24

For my second transaction I paid .24 and saved 12.74. My total Walgreens spending, $16.62 and total savings, $22.78.

OK across the street at CVS (haha, well most of them are across the street anyway.) this one should be easier.  CVS gives you all the rewards in one transaction no matter how many (within the limit) or the product you buy. SO you really only need two transactions here.  You do need a CVS card

Transaction 1

John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner on sale $5 each (have to buy two to get you $10 min or check the ad for more combos) + $2 SPC (older) + $1 SPC (older) = 2/$7 plus $3 RR is like 2/$4
I also $10 RR with Crest white strips and I believe there was  SPC .Also some febreze $3 RR were in the ad. Pantene was $2 RR and $1 SPC
Check out and get RR
New Transaction
Infusium leave in treatment 4.99 w/ card + $2.00 SPC = $2.99
Oral B Cross action power toothbrush x2 $5.99 ea + $2 SPC + $3 SPC = 6.98
They have a good deal on dawn, the same as Walgreens.  Also Pampers diapers are 15.99 with card and SPC.  Crest is 2/$3.50 with card 
Thats it, pay with your rewards.  My total will be some where around $7.50, note I did not buy anything I wrote in Italics.

Good luck Guys!  let me know how it works out for you.  Be patient and be thorough when you check variety on the coupons and sales.