Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh Emma,

Today Emma and I were watching Tangled the new Disney movie (which for some reason I keep calling tangles) and she pointed at the TV exclaiming "Her have boobies like Mommy!!" 

Not that, thats saying much but, thanks Disney, for your attention to detail!  really, I'm flattered that I have the chest of an 18 year old cartoon character, couldn't she have picked Lara Croft!

I realize this was short enough for a facebook post but, I feel like it was one of those comments that was better suited to my more intimate circle of friends rather then 252 of my closest facebook friends.

Oh wait, I can add my "Mommy of the year story."  Of course some of you MOPS ladies may have already seen or heard about this, this morning.  Well there I was taking Emma to the nursery and Eli was sitting in the Mclaren.  I stepped away and **bonk** over backwards went the stroller.  Apparently, the diaper bag I hung on the handles was a little heavier then my sweet boy and it just pulled him right over.  Don't worry nobody was injured except maybe my "mommy pride." Not even a tear fell, Eli was just wide eyed like "what the heck just happened here." 
Eli in the Mclaren on a different day 

Well guys, thats all I have for now.  Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A deep breath

Well the holidays are over, boy am I relieved but, a little sad too.  I do love Christmas time.  While I am thinking about it, I want to thank all the people who sent Christmas cards out, I love getting them and display them all in my home through the season!
This year my parents gave us a little extra gift... she took the kids home with her Monday and and we picked them back up Friday. I know what you're thinking, "nice, a honeymoon."  Not quite, we were busy little bees around here.  They were gone only an hour or so and we were pulling the lights down of the house and hauled the tree to the curb. Ah, the smell of a real Christmas tree but oh, the needles! We also put together and painted some furniture for the playroom and  painted the playroom.  Its not quite finished but it looks good so far, that will be another blog post as soon as its finished! So far Emma seems to like it, she plays in it a lot more.  On Thursday we tackled all the laundry (there was so much from all the Christmas clothes) and did a thorough house cleaning.  How nice it was to just be able to turn the radio on and bebop around the house while we cleaned.  So we picked up the kids on Friday and brought them home to kick of the New Year with a new playroom and all picked up and organized. I felt like I was taking a deep breath before 2011 came rolling in!
Speaking of the New Year, that brings us to resolutions... Of course I plan on losing 10 lbs...who doesn't right.  But I am also going to try to learn more patience with my kids and make time for church.  I hope to do this while keeping our home a little more organized the previous year.
So far we've been pretty firm on portion control (after the nursing calories Im no longer burning, thats a hard adjustment to make) and we've done quite a bit to get organized.  There was the playroom of course which minimized all the toys around my house.  But we also bought two over the door shoe racks, one for the playroom which stores all the dress up shoes at the bottom and all the craft supplies (glues sticks, crayons, markers...) on top where Emma can't reach. The "rack" is in a spare closet and is now housing all our medicine across the top, all the extra baby soap/powder across the bottom, and filled in the rest with band-aids, extra soap, travel size toiletries... It freed up so much room in my linen closet.  I also have a space to store all our surplus things when we find a fab coupon deal. I'm currently working on getting a family "folder station" going and organizing our coupons.  I'll get back to you guys on my progress.  As for today, I have a couple coupons to share with you before I sign out...

Good through Jan 5 at 11:59pm, 365 free prints from with a $10 purchase... MVM365

Pottery Barn Chancellor serving set for only $9.99 from $25

Areopostale Boyfriend cardigan  on sale for $12.00 from $44.50

Vera Bradley Night Owl Little Betsy Handbag only $27 from $59

Lands' End Mens down vest $29.50 to $14.75 .... Plus, code SHIPPINGISFREE and pin 5859 gets you free shipping on any order.

Bath and Body Works special, 5 items $20... Buy 2 get 2 free on select Aromatherapy Body Care items, which start at $13 each. Add two Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash to your cart for $26 and get two Lavender and Vanilla Body Lotions for free. Then, pad your order over $30, this hand sanitizer holder is $4, and use code PERFECTGIFT10 to get $10 off, making your total for all 5 items just $20.

Well thats all the sweet deals I have for now.  Hope you can use them. Got any for me? And what about those New Years resolutions, c'mon cough 'em up!!!