Monday, June 4, 2012

Create a Schedule

I don't know about you, but I am always trying new things to get organized. I know that in order to be organized you really have to get committed. For me, usually, I am diligent for about a week then I just forget about it or lose sight of the end goal. Other then making a weekly meal plan I just haven't been able to stick with anything. Its kind of a lifestyle change I guess and since lately I've had some success with lifestyle changes I decided it was time to tackle this "getting organized" thing again.
So on pinterest one afternoon I came across a schedule on A Home Made by KiKi. I really loved it and she had great ideas. I decided I like the method of having one printed for each day. So I looked around for a form I could make my own and found the one KiKi mentioned from Simple Mom to be pretty close to what I was looking for. I tailored it a little and made it work for me. Here is an example of the Monday schedule I made.
Here's the break down on my blank version. I liked the MIT (most important things) that Simple Mom had on there so I left it. 
I left the inspiration section. I am not sure that I will use it all the time but maybe if I have a motivational quote or something I will fill it in. Maybe even something I am personally working like to be more grateful or not lose my patience. I just thought it was a good personal spot.
I left the food section pretty much the same but just changed it to say "prep" instead of notes. I really liked the way that KiKi did that on her schedule. That way I can remind myself to thaw something or marinate something and make sure its ready to be cooked when the time comes. 
I cut my water intake down to 6. I'm not real good at drinking as much water as I should and I thought 8 glasses seemed intimidating. Since I plan to change this when summer is over I may be better at it and able to bump it up. 
Since I don't work I changed that section to appointments and to dos. For example if one week I need to run by the hardware store but there is no real urgency then I can put it there and it doesn't have to go into the schedule. Or maybe if I need to make a phone call.
The last think I changed was the today's chores since I had a to do and appointment section I decided I just wanted the chores section. I decided to break down my weekly house cleaning and laundry and try to make certain things for certain days. Basiclly, try to have it all done by the weekend. 
In the general plan section I filled out my schedule for each day for the summer. Like certain days have library readings and the movie theater by us plays free movies on Tuesday and Thursday. I wanted those to all be on there, even if I don't actually do it so I can remember that those things are going on. I also wrote in things I want to try to make a habit, like the dog walk and working with Penny. 
Lastly, the notes section is great for anything else. I find it most useful for things I realize I need to add to the grocery list. Ideally, by the end of the week I will only need to make a meal plan and flip back through my notes and my grocery list will be compiled. 
I left some blank lines I could fill in as needed.
I made a slightly different one for the weekend. I was going to leave my weekends free but decided since Chris and I are list people anyway that I may as well have one. I hope that it also helps keep us focused on the meal plan for the weekends because we are bad about having a plan but giving up because it got late in the day fast and reaching for something unhealthy.

So I printed my customized version for each day and slipped them into a plastic sleeve and put them in my family binder (where I also keep a monthly calender, a tab for each family member, emergency and baby sitter info, menus, and all my coupons -yes, its getting pretty thick.) I used a fine point sharpie like Tiffany suggests from A Day In My Life. So far this is working great. 

If you want to save a copy and use it for yourself click here
Good luck to ya!