Monday, May 5, 2014

Swimsuit Season

Yep, its that terrifying time again. When the weather has turned hot enough that the pool starts to look good and you weigh it out in your mind..."is it worth it? do I really want to put on my swimsuit? especially in front of other people?"  Well the obvious answer is no but the reality of the situation is, it gets hot here in Texas and at some point the heat wins over your pride and you just get in the pool. So, that means its time to get into swimsuit mode (groan and roll your eyes, I certainly did when my kids jumped in the pool for the first time yesterday and Chris declared our pool officially open for summer.)
Than means, diet time. Yuck! But I know that the 17day diet really works and quickly so I'm relying on it this year to help get me comfortable enough with my body I can throw on my swimsuit and worry more about finding perfect harmony between correct sunscreen applications and a golden tan. Who's with me?
Look, I'm going to do the work for you.  Here's the deal for cycle 1, it's the hardest but surely you can stick out 17 days. If you're faithful to it and not losing any weight in the first 5 days then go ahead, abandon ship.
For more information you should get the book but I'm going to hook you up with a menu at the bottom to get you on your way.
17 day diet Cycle 1 basic rules:
as much protein and cleansing veggies as you want
2 servings fruit
2 servings yogurt

daily layout:
- 2 eggs or 4 egg whites or 1 serving (6oz) probiotic food like yogurt or cottage cheese
-1 serving fruit
-1 cup green tea
-liberal protein (fish, poultry, eggs) 
-unlimited cleansing veggies 
-1 cup green tea
-liberal protein 
-unlimited cleansing veggies
-1 cup green tea
-2nd fruit serving
-2nd probiotic serving (I like t have this for dessert and try to tell myself its ice cream) 
-1 serving (1 -2 tblspoons of friendly fat to use on salad or veggies when cooking)

So here's what I came up with. You can follow my meal plan or create your own. I like to try new recipes and included the ones I found in the recipe link. They are in order with the meal plan. Also, each item that I printed the recipe for is followed by ** so that you know there is a recipe included. 

please feel free to ask any questions or clarification. This is for my family's personal use and I wanted to share with anyone else who was interested in giving it a try. Keep me posted on your progress!