Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I Love

I am a firm believer in spreading the word about the products I come across that I just love.  I feel like all too often people only complain about products.  I've heard it said that you can't take Internet reviews  to heart.  Typically, if people are satisfied they don't go online to talk about it. However, if they are unsatisfied they want the world to know.  I, personally, am unsatisfied with a lot of things like the county court system and the guy who roofed our patio,but those are both different stories.
Today I want to talk about the things I've discovered that I love!! There is no organization to this and its just a collection of random things I've come across.
First lets talk about hair!  I love John Frieda products.  I have been using frizz ease since high school. Trust me, it works! I have very frizz prone hair and I notice a big difference when I use this prior to straightening. Recently, I bought some and it came with a free sample of Root Awakening Shampoo and Conditioner.  I decided to give it a try and fell in love!  It made my hair feel so healthy and it was so shiny.  Its more then I used to spend on shampoo but, if you watch for them there are usually good $1-$3 coupons in the paper.  You can actually print one here and even order your own sample.  Try it!!
So, its endless shrimp time at Red Lobster, just in time for my anniversary.  We decided to go to the Red Lobster located by West Oaks Mall and I just have to say, they have a very pleasant staff.  I was a server for a year in high school and 4 years in college.  I consider myself a good tipper but, I sometimes can be a high maintenance patron.  The staff was super friendly to us, they were also on top of their game.  The food was quick to arrive and good too.  The "greeter," if thats the job title of the guy who opens the door, was awesome.  He pulled some lobsters out for Emma to see and he offered to let her touch them.  She chickened out. It was pretty funny.  Overall, just a nice restaurant experience which come few and far between with a baby and a toddler in tow.
Next is Jelly Cat... "without a doubt, the world's most sophisticated soft toys." I love the stuffed toys.  We first discovered them in Gulf Shores on vacation in a little boutique. They had this huge stuffed dog, Emma was about 9 months, and we put her on it.  She just cracked up and thought it was the best thing ever.  That Christmas Uncle Mike gave her, her very own huge stuffed Jelly Cat dog.  He still sleeps on her bed.  She also got a matching pull toy with wooden wheels that year.  Then when Eli was born my parents got them each a "cordy roy" stuffed animal from the hospital gift shop.  He got the Alligator and she picked the Pig.  I love those little vintage looking animals. They have baby toys too! Check them out
Ah, on to home improvements!  Lowes Valspar Signature paint, its fantastic.  OK take it from me, I paint all the time.  He have been in this house almost two years and in the last few months I have decided it was time to put my  own spin on things.  I have painted the master bed and bath, the kitchen and cabinets, Eli's room, Emma's room (and ceiling,) the entry hall, the laundry room and cabinets, and the formal dinning room.  I tried a couple different brands (Olympic and glidden) but Valspar is superior.  When you are painting that much it makes a difference not to have to paint a million coats.  Every time I used Valspar I only needed one coat and if anything there was maybe couple touch up spots.  Lowes sells samples so try it out the next time you tackle a painting project! They also do $5 off pretty often.
Finally, there is teeth whitening.  Come one, arent you always interested or at least a little intrigued about the latest teeth whitening product?  I am, so I decided to try one I saw in a magazine.  I am not sure which magazine it was, maybe US Weekly.  It was kind of expensive but I think it works really well. you can find coupon code all over the internet just use your google search skills!
Got any products you want to rant or rave about? Let us know!

I forgot to tell you about Eucerin new light fragrance lotion! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Test drive

Since I had several people suggest to me to start my own blog, I finally decided to give it a whirl. This is my "test drive" so you'll have to bear with me a while until I figure out just how I want to operate my very own, brand new, blog world.
I think instead of picking some topic to blog about I am going to just let it go where it will.  If you know me, I'm sure you realize by now, I have my own opinion about just about everything.  So why hold back here?
I guess to start I will fill you in about my and maybe tomorrow I will tell you about a product I discovered for myself  or a craft I tackled lately.
I spent the first part of my life in Houston.  My parents then moved our family to Marble Falls, where I graduated high school.  I then moved off to Stephenville to attend college at Tarleton State.  I never finished school but met the best people most of them I am still in touch with.  I temporarily worked for Volkswagen while I was in school and it was a really neat thing.  I got to go to a couple of cool places for auto shows and at the time, I thought I was making "big bucks." I spent most of the time though, working at Pastafina as a waitress.  For 4 years this proved to be a good match for me since all my friends worked there and it paid the bills. When I finally decided it was time to grow up a little bit, I took a job in Westport, Connecticut.  What a big adventure that was for me.  I came out of that with a crazy life experience and a husband who is a perfect match for me.
Now, I am a wife to Chris and mommy to Emma (2 years) and Eli (2 months) - they're the "E squared" part of the name (yeah I thought it was.) We own a home that I'm always "sprucing" up or implementing some new idea to.  We live here with our little family dog and Emma's best friend, Georgie.  He's a very handsome red min pin.  I always joke that I feel like one of those "Hollywood starlets" with my mini purse dog and my Land Rover. The joke is that my Land Rover is actually 7 years used and my dog, big for his breed, would be quite awkward in a purse.
I am a photographer on the side and love taking pictures.  One day, when my kids are a little older I hope to be able to pursue that endeavor a little more but for now, I kind of just take what I can get.  I also fill a lot of my free time (which is a little few and far between these days) with projects and crafts around the house.  This is something else I think it would be fun to make an income from at some point.  For now though, my priorities lie with my babies.
I guess that pretty much sums it up.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  Maybe I will spend tonight thinking of some clever way to sign out of this thing.