Monday, December 29, 2014

Cabinet Jewelry

Good Morning everyone! Thank you to all of you have been following along our little kitchen project. I am so excited we are starting to get things back together and I can't wait for the granite and tile people to come in and finish up. But first, I need help with the decision on cabinet knobs and pulls...the kitchen jewelry. So I decided to come to the internet and ask for an opinion, dangerous right?
For a little background our cabinets are going to be slightly cream, shaker style with black counter top. I don't have any pictures on my computer yet because I've been using my phone for everything to avoid getting dust in my camera.  But here is an internet picture that might help for your visual people out there...

But the back splash is a neutral stone looking tile.
The hardware will be brushed nickel to match the lighting and faucet.  Now what I can't decide on is the pulls...
I've narrowed it down to two combinations cup pulls and knob (either glass or very simple brushed nickel)
glass knobs

plain knobs
I really thought I was sold on the glass knobs and the cup pulls but of course I got on pinterest and it ruined everything. Now I kind of like the bar pull with the cup pulls.

Chris is really more of a sleek and modern style then I am so he likes all bar pulls but he's not overly opinionated when it comes to this kind of thing...

If you go back to the previous photo it kind of looks like there are knobs on top, mixed with cup pulls and bar pulls on the lower cabinets.  Maybe I should just do all three?   You see, this is why its time for a vote. I need to make a decision and commit, help!

Next we'll vote on the actual pulls...