Monday, February 24, 2014

Minute Maid Tour

 I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that we got to take a tour of Minute Maid Park. It was pretty neat so I thought I'd share some pictures from the tour and our "Sunday Funday".

the clock tower

They had the roof open while we were there, Its the first time I've been there while it was open.

It was fun to imagine watching the game from all the different levels.

Big dreams of watching Eli out there some day? 

I love this picture. It just feels so all American. 

A lot of walking for a little dude.

40,950 seats in that place

It was crazy to me that you could walk right onto the field from these seats.

Going into the dugout was cool too

Unfortunately we weren't able to go into the locker room because they were locked and I guess our guy didn't have the clout to be a key handler. But we did walk down to it and it was kind of weird, it felt like walking through some alley or something.  We didn't see the press box either because it was under construction for an upcoming event. So our tour ended at the Insperity Club.It was pretty lavish. 

Before and after the tour we killed some time at the park. I guess I teach my kids about art by letting them climb all over it. 

They had so much fun playing in the water. When we asked their favorite part of the day that was it. 

It was definitely a good day and both kids crashed on the way home.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Giveaway...Diaper and wipes holder

In honor of my very own new (to me) monogram machine, I decided to do a little giveaway.
See I need the practice and I figure its best to practice on a freebie. Up for grabs are 2 diaper and wipes cases. They will hold 2-3 diapers and a small travel wipes case. I loved mine with both my kids. It was great to keep in the car for emergencies or in my purse. It made switching from bag to bag super easy. Win it for yourself or a gift!

All you have to do is comment on this blog which case you would prefer (the one on the right or the one on the left) then on Friday I will have a drawing for each one (2 winners!) I will contact you by email and get your information. 
Front view with cases closed. The one on the right has velcro closure
The one on the left is lined in pink and the one on the right is black quilting
Back view of the cases. You can see the quilting better in this picture.

Again, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog stating which case you prefer. Winners will be picked Friday Feb 21st. Only one entry per person.

As a personal disclaimer I want to mention that I sewed these personally so they may have slight imperfections.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Emma's Bouncing/Dress Up Birthday Party

Tomorrow my sweet girl turns 6. We celebrated her birthday this past weekend with a bang. Seriously, we (me and some friends were calling it Emmapalooza.)  Poor thing got the shaft the last few years on her birthday and didn't get much of a celebration.  3 years ago I got sick on the weekend of her party and we cancelled, I never ended up rescheduling. The next year we were moving and told her we would have a summer party with Eli's birthday but we had a really busy summer and the party was the 4 of us eating a cake together that I made and poorly iced. This year we weren't going to let her birthday slip by barely noticed.
Originally we planned on heating the pool but when the pump gave out we decided we needed plan B. Enter, "gianormous" bounce house

Emma also wanted a dress up/ costume theme.  So I put together a little "stage" area

Once I found these awesome free printables (where else but pinterest)

A centralized theme was born. I figured cupcake was a neutral birthday theme that could encompass the bounce house and dress up. When we started looking for decorating ideas it proved to be easy. Since we were so close to Valentine's day, my mom was able to find cupcake theme plates and table cloths for only 99cents at walmart.  I found this great idea for cupcake favors (thanks again pinterest)

and painted a cupcake garden flag. (The great thing about cupcakes is you don't have to have much artistic ability to draw them.) 

Anyway so here are a few shots and ideas from our party...

We had the mantle decorated and all the presents on the fireplace...My mom got crafty with her gift and added the cupcake wrapper bow

Since the bounce house was so big it had to be in the front yard.  I made this cute feather wreath to hang on the front door. It happened to match Emma's room so I could hang it in there afterward.  

We set up a table outside with tea,waters, and a basket of chips to go with the hot dogs. We also had our ice chest out there and a couple picnic areas.

The water wrappers were part of the free printables. 

Inside we set up another table next to the fireplace and dining room (in front of the windows) with queso, chips, and popcorn. Our Kitchen is in the back of the house and since the party was in the front yard, I wanted parents to be able to still keep an eye outside while they snacked.

The food cards were another cute free printable addition.

The dining table was set up with plates, a fruit tray and a veggie tray. I had the cute cupcake table cloth my mom brought and I just used a simple flower centerpiece.

Speaking of flowers I always like to put them in the bathroom for a party, but I also found this sweet picture of Emma 

The ceiling in the dining room was super fancy (although I didn't get a picture that day.) 

These are those plastic party table cloths
We have a hutch in our dining room that housed all the party favors and the cupcakes. On the shelf above it there was an 8x10  school picture of Emma.

Just before we did cupcakes we took all the kids on a "hayride" suburbs style. 

they had to wait behind the sign

And while they kids were away the adults will play...literally 

When the hay ride was over we headed inside for cupcakes (one of my favorite parts of the day)

make a wish
Then there was a crazy fashion show that contained pirates, princess, a fish, Indian braves, and even 3 differnt cats. After just a little more playing they bounce house crew came and we opened presents. 

In the end I would say Emma had a great day.
Happy 6th birthday my sweet little girl!