Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Item of the week BBQ sauce

This weeks trip was quick for us because we are taking a beach VACAY and don't need a lot of things. Also, there will be no coupons in this Sunday's paper.
so here it is
KC masterpiece BBQ sauce 5/$5 -use $1/1 from the 5/15 paper = free
2 x PineSol 2/$3 + 2x 1.00 off Pine Sol printable coupon = .50 each
Crawfish .99/lb

4x or multiple of 4 Sweet baby rays BBQ sauce BOGO free+ $1/3 from 5/22 SmartSaver = .94 each
Bar S Hot Dogs 10/10 + $1/2 from the 5/22 paper (buy multiples of 2) = .50 each

I may get a few more later but those are your major Memorial Day discounts

Monday, May 16, 2011

Drug Store shopping week of 5/15

Another disappointing week in the coupon department here at the Rhodes home. our delivery boy must have been on vacay this week because nobody in our neighborhood got the usual "Good Life" Sunday paper?  Doesn't he know what this does to me?  What am I supposed to do with myself this week?  Have no fear I purchased a paper and am still on the hunt for a few more.
In the mean time, as most of you know by now, Sunday's start the deals for Walgreens and CVS.  I think Target and Walmart too but I am not positive.  SO here it is, the drugstore write up for this week!

Crazy Coupon Talk
SPC=Sunday Paper Coupon (I follow it with 5/15 -the date the coupon ran - if I know it)
SC= Store Coupon which is usually found near the product in the store
AC= In ad coupon, if you dont get 'em in your paper you can get 'em near the front of the store
RR= register rewards, money back printed after transaction (Walgreens does register rewards and CVS does Extra Care Bucks, I will refer to both as RR)

1st transaction
Oscar Meyer lunchables 2/$3 + 2x $1.00 SPC 5/15 = 2/$1 + $1 RR = FREE
Colgate Pro Clinical white toothpaste 4oz 2/$6 + 2x .75 5/1 or 5/15 = 4.50 + $4 RR = .25 ea
Gillette fusion razor $9.89 + $4 SPC 5/1 = $5.89 + $5 RR = .89 ea
Pantene 2/$7 +$3/2 SPC 5/1 = 2/$4 + $1 RR = 1.50 ea
Huggies diapers 2/$18 + 2x $3 printable coupon from Huggies (exp 5/17) there was also a SPC= 2/$12 + $3RR = $4.5 ea  (I found a huggies walgreens coupon for 2.00 off as well, I am not sure if you can use it but try, if so they will be 2.50 each!)

If you buy all the above you get $14 RR and pay $12.39

Second Transaction
Scotch magic tape buy one at 1.99 get 2 free AC + print this coupon = 3 for .33 ea
Gain dish det.  .99 AC + 1.00 SPC = Free  (I dont remember seeing this coupon but maybe I missed it. or maybe they are using a different one, anyway if you have it go get some!)
Enfamil 23.4 oz $21.99 AC + $5/1 Enfamil coupon found here (Use zip code 30003) +$2/1 Walgreens coupon Infant Care Coupon Booklet  = $14.99
Similac 23.2 oz $21.99 with in ad coupon + $5/1 coupon found in the 4/3 SS + $2/1 Walgreens coupon found in the Infant Care Coupon Booklet = $14.99!

A couple body wash scenarios - if you use these dont forget to use them in your first transaction so you can get you RR for the second!

Old Spice body wash 16 or 18 oz, Zest 18 oz, Gillette 16 oz 3/$10 = $3 RR
Deal Scenario #1:
Buy 4 Old Spice body wash 16 or 18 oz $3.33 each
Use 2 Buy 1 get 1 Free Old Spice coupons found in the 5/1 PG
Plus, use the $1/2 Old Spice coupon found in the 5/1 PG
Pay $5.66
Get back a $3 RR

Final cost $2.66 total – $0.67 each!

Deal Scenario #2:
Buy 3 Gillette body wash 16 oz 3/$10
Buy 3 Gillette deodorants 4 oz $4.99 each (based on online price)
Use 3 Buy 1 Gillette body wash get a free deodorant coupon found in the 5/1 PG
Plus, use 3 $2/1 Gillette body wash coupons found in the 5/15 RP
Pay $4
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost $1 for all 6 items!

Deal Scenario #3:
Buy 3 Zest body wash 18 oz 3/$10
Use 3 $1/1 coupons found in the 3/20 SS (Exp 5/15!) or 5/1 PG
Pay $7
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost $1.33 each!

First tranasction
V8 Splash 64 oz or vegetable juice 46 oz 2/$5  + $1/2 SPC 4/3 = 2/$4 + $1RR = 1.50 ea
2 Neutrogena Sun Care or Sunless tanning .47 - 6.7 oz + 2x $2/1 = 7.99 ( $11.98/2) + $10 RR =  .99 ea
you pay $14.98 and get back $11 

Second transaction
Pine Sol or Tilex 2/$4 + print this  = 2x $1 ea ( I think you can buy just one)
Cottonelle or Cottonelle Ultra batroom tissue 18 pk $8.94 + .50/1 = $8.44
 Find a small filler item that you can add to make your total $11 before tax and you can use all your RR to pay for this transaction!

BONUS HEB feebie -  HEb is hard to come by freebies but this week they have marked the Neutrogena face bars down to $1 something and there is a $2 SC = FREE

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shopping with the Sunday paper 5/15

Hello shoppers!
I had a little free time today so I was trying to plan out a shopping trip good for Sunday 5/15 - Tuesday 5/17.  I wanted to get something out so you can see what to look for in this Sunday's paper
They are having a buy 10 get $5 deal and there are LOTS of things on the list.  Our Kroger has a limit of 3 like coupons LUCKILY you can mix and match.  So, here's a heads up of some of the things I caught that you may be interested...remember you need to buy 10 from the list and no more then 3 of each! Also, these are all advertised in the ad you can pick up at kroger or ours was mailed to us Wed.  and get the same price at Walmart if you dont have a local Kroger.
Gillette Body wash - 2.99 + $2 off 1 5/15 (this coming Sunday) SPC (Sunday paper coupon) = .99ea
Oral B cross action toothbrush 2.49 + $1.50 off from 5/1 P&G insert = .99 ea
Pure life 24pk water bottles x 2  2.99+ 1.00/2 from either 5/1 or 5/8 Sunday paper 2.49 ea
Kraft mayo or Miracle Whip 2.49 + $1/1 in the 5/15 Smartsource insert  = 1.49 ea
Freschetta frozen Pizza 4.49 + 1.00/1 I believe it was the 5/1 paper = 3.49 ea
Cheaper Items you can add to the $5 off 10 items deal/use to fill the gaps:
Kraft BBQ sauce .50 ea
Skinner Pasta .38 ea
Ozarka Water 3 liter .50ea
Sunny D .89ea
Campbells Soups .89ea
Candlie-lite votives .39ea

you may also want to check the oscar mayer lunchmeat with the 5/15 SPC, Krogers ad says select varieties so I am not sure if the coupon will match up. the coupon will be $1/2 making them 1.49 each

peeled baby carrots bogo free
cherub tomatos bogo free

Safegaurd soap 2 bar pack 10/$10 (buy as many or little as you want) + 1.00 zest/safegaurd from 5/1 (i think) = free

SILK milk 1.99 + 1.00 SPC= .99
Reach toothbrushes 10/$10 + 1.00/1 or 2.50/2 from 4/17 or $2/2 from 5/8 =  free
Garnier style products or shampoo/conditioners 2/$5 + 2x 1.00 from SPC 5/1 = 1.50 ea

Dont forget if you havent bought your IVORY or Nivea body wash, those are still free with coupons

5/$5 Lunchables+ there is a $1/1 in 5/15, if the match up =  free
Mrs Bairds small white loaf = free HEB bake shops small white
In the lunchmeat meal deal, there was recently a kraft coupon (I cant remember which because I already used ours) and I saw on Oscar Mayer bacon a $1/1 carving board meat...if you can find those use with meal deal
Buy Oscar mayer hot dogs get HEB chips free + $1/2 hot dogs in SPC 5/15
Squash .97/lb
Sweet potatoes .74lb
blackberries 1.77ea

Well thats all I have for now, I'll update again soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheap Pampers diapers

Attention parents of babies, great deal on Pampers diapers at walgreens this week!

Pampers Jumbo pack diapers 2/$18 = $3 RR
Use 2 $2.00/1 coupon found in the 5/1 PG
Plus, use the $2/1 coupon found in the Walgreen Infant Care Coupon Booklet (will deduct $4)
Pay $10
Get back $3 register rewards
Final cost $3.50 per package!

I bought 4 packages so make sure that you pay for them 2 to each transaction.  Also look around for clearance or filler items if you want to buy more then 2 packages. In order to use your register rewards toward the second transaction you will need 1 additional item.

Lastly, you will also get a 2.00 off pampers catalina coupon (the ones that print at the register)

Happy diaper shopping!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shopping week of 5/2/2011

OK so I am going to have to start thinking of better names for these blogs if I am going to post every week.  Haha
SPC=Sunday Paper Coupon the date will follow if I know it
SC= Store coupon
AC= IN Ad Coupon
Bogo= Buy One Get One
RR = Register rewards

This week is going to require a few places but there are also a few freebies.
Kroger - our Kroger no longer doubles or triples they also will only accept 3 like coupons per transaction, check your policy
Reach toothbrushes 10/10 (you do not have to buy all 10 to get the price) + SPC from 4/17 for 1.00= Free
Garnier Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling products 2/$5 (do not have to buy 2) + SPC 5/1 for 1.00 = $1.50
Hummus 1.00
Safegaurd 2ct bar soap 10/10 (do not have to buy 10) + SPC 5/1 for 1.00 = Free
Strawberries $1.48 for 1lb

I am going to check the Purex 50oz it was 2/$5 (must buy 2) + 2x SPC 5/1 for 1.00 off = 1.50 each

Casa refried beans x2 w/ SPC 1.00 off 2 = .42 each
Wrigleys 3 ct gum 1.88 + SC .89 = .99
Pictsweet frozen peas 1.50 + SC 1.00 = .50 ea
Revlon slant tweezers 2.24 + SC 2.00 = .24ea
New York Texas toast (frozen) .74 - I dont remember but its a store coupon combo, it will be right with the product

B2g2 free on Lays or lays or doritos chips (check the store with the coupon but there was a SPC 5/1 for 2.00 off 2 bags of lays) I am not sure if the varieties will match up but they may
Ziploc bags x 2 AC 1.49 + SPC 1.25 = 1.25 ea

Comet cleaner .50 + SPC .35 = .15 ea (limit 3)
Scotch tape .39 AC


 Colgate Max Fresh 2.77 + 2.77 RR (use a coupon if you have one)
Gum Eez Flossers 90 pk sale 2.00+ 2.00 RR
check out here and apply your RR to your next transaction
JIF peanut butter 2/$4 - can buy just one

Good luck all!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Get to your Kroger for freebies!

Thats right, get there because the deals in today's Kroger list are only good through tomorrow! (Target is good through the end of the week if not longer) There are just a couple but thought I would share.
Ivory body wash 10/$10 (you can buy as many or as few as you want) + $1 off in this past Sunday's P&G saver = free! (you can only use 3 like coupons per transaction, so be aware of that)
Reach toothbrushes 10/$10 (do not need to buy 10) use the reach/listerine coupon from 4/17 Sunday paper for $1 off = free!
Purex laundry detergent 2/$5 (have to buy 2) + 2x $1 off from this past Sunday's paper =   $1.50 each
hummus 1.00 (if you can find it, I couldn't)
Select Kellogs cereal $1.98
Dove ice cream 2.99 + 1.00 from this past paper = $1.99

Degree trail deo for men .97 + 1.00 from 4/17 Paper = Free
Gillette trial size shaving cream .97 + .50 off from this weeks paper = .47 each (limit 4 per trip)
Basic paper towels single rolls .99 + .25 from this past sunday's paper = .74

The dog bed was from Bed Bath and Beyond, I bought it with my 20% off coupon, it was only 8 something including tax!

I know several people are just getting into couponing so I tried to limit most deals from this weeks paper.  Some things I had been looking for, for a while so I had to jump on them.