Friday, March 8, 2013

A New Saga Begins

**sigh of relief**
Its finally over! We got a call late morning that the buyer was still interested in our home if we included a settlement in which they would take on the HOA and the taking down or bringing up to HOA standards, of the porch. In addition, we were going to have them sign a hold harmless agreement stating we would not be responsible for anything after we put the settlement in escrow. I can honestly say I was shocked they agreed.
So we had a tentative closing time of 1:30, but only on our house. We would still need to sign on dream house and it would not likely be funded until Monday. At this point I was ready to wash my hands of our house so it didn't really matter to me if we got dream house tonight or Monday morning. By 12:30 I received a call from the Realtor that the final HUD statement hadn't made it to the title company after all. She wasn't sure what time things would happen.
At a quarter til 1 she called and to tell me the buyer would be doing a walk through at 2:15 and go straight over to closing. But, it looked like we were really not going to close on dream house, as in we would have to come back Monday morning to sign then wait out the funding.
By the time we got to the title company everything had miraculously been worked out.  We would close on both houses and both would be funded...tonight! I was so excited.
It has been such a long and crazy process.  I can't believe it is finally over, but I am overjoyed.  Now its time for the new saga to being and tomorrow I will go to the dream house to take my first "before" pictures to share with you all.  I can't wait for all the opportunity this house holds and to get my family nestled into this new chapter in our lives.
Thanks for reading ever painstaking detail and stay tuned for the fun stuff!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You Have Got to be KIDDING Me!

Well we are back to square one, square one of this appraisal mess anyway.
As you know we have been dealing with the permit issues back porch and under the impression that the previous issues, since repaired - paid for- and invoice passed on, were no longer and issue.
Yesterday was the 3rd day in a row that we were supposed to hear something back on the review of this whole mess by the underwriter of our buyers. He is the only one who can overwrite the appraisal and its a process for him too.  He finally got back to both Realtors last night. Our Realtor then had this information for me (keep in mind, we were supposed to be closing today, Tuesday.) "They understand the deal with the permits. Now they want the contractor who made the repairs to write a note saying exactly what was repaired and to use the exact language the appraisal inspector used in his report.  And we cannot close until Monday but I'm not giving up."

I do not even have enough emotional energy anymore to express to you my fury.  The "repairs" part was supposed to be cleared up last week (by Tuesday) so we could by Thursday. Then they said it was fine brought up the permits. Now the permits are fine but we are back to the repairs.  Im getting dizzy just thinking about it.

This is just ridiculously infuriating.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Does Anyone Know Whats Going On?

Its our new home buying strategy. So you may remember from yesterday we were just sitting around waiting. in home buyers purgatory?
Today was more of the same, for the most part.

We knew our Realtor would be out of contact because her husband was having a procedure and she needed to be with him.  We talked with her last night and got the days scoop with no great strides in progress. The Breakdown:

  • HOA would not be approving our screened in porch because it was not 51% brick. - Do not ask me how a screened in porch can be 51% brick and still be a porch and not a room, but apparently I'm the rule breaker not the rule maker.
  • The county would approve our "after the fact permit" it was just a process of going down with the survey and pictures and getting in line for a short meeting then paying the fee - I hope they provide babysitters for that fee or I have a feeling the people will be rushing to get me and Eli in an out of there quick.
  • The lender has had enough of this silly appraiser business and was going to try to get around him somehow so none of the permit stuff would matter. - Apparently, you don't get into all these lender requested repairs typically with a conventional loan (which is what our buyer is using) its mostly an FHA loan things (not to mention its stupid and petty!) 
The last one we were pretty excited about and per our Realtor's advice we decided to sit tight and hope this was the route they were taking. The goal was to find something out by this afternoon.
So while sitting and waiting this afternoon, about 3, the hubster got a note from our broker telling us we should be at dream house's closing. We were under the impression they were just signing this morning because they had to leave town and as soon as our house's sale went through we would be able to sign.
Suddenly, we were very excited and didn't really know what to do. I didn't want to call and bother our Realtor but I definitely wanted to jump on the chance to sign if  someone was screwing up somewhere and they were going to let us. I called the title company immediately to try to figure out what to do. Our closer told us that the lender said we could sign but the loan would not actually be funded until we closed on our house so we could wait if we wanted to (way to burst our bubble.) We decided to just wait as it was late Friday afternoon and our new close date was looking like Monday (according to the title company.)
I called back to give them our final answer and they told me no, we need you to come  today after all.

The Hubster took off early, headed to the bank and got our check for closing then picked me up and we headed over. On the way there our Realtor called to tell us we didn't need to go, the title company had called her and told her never mind, we could wait. After explaining the whole story to her she decided to go ahead and go through with the paper signing because it sounded like our lender was going forward with funding. --Do you feel confused yet? I sure as heck was.

We finally get there and get it all sorted out.
We could sign (today or when we came back to sign on our house) but it would not be funded. Since we were there we decided to go ahead, less to do later. The closer was great.  She had lots of info for us including the fact that she had once lived in dream house...yes, our very dream house.  She didn't own it but her roommate did. She said she loved it and would love to come see it some time. I told her, yes come!  Kind of exciting getting to find out a little history of your home.
She also said that there should be more info on our house late this evening or first thing Monday and if not she was going to call and insert foot in a$$ try to get things moving. We did finally hear that a director got involved and documents should be at the title company Monday morning.
Hopefully that means we close by Wed.
And that is all we know going into what could be the last weekend in our sweet little home.